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  • Thursday 14 May 2020, Lotte, Seoul, South Korea
  • (+65) 6236 6506

The 5G Future of Retail Finance Convention 2020

Shaping the Future of Retail Finance through 5G

The financial services landscape is very different from what it was a decade ago and continues to evolve as we speak. Factors such as economic uncertainty, developments of new regulations, technological disruption and the ultimate race to meet customers’ expectations, are pushing financial institutions to rethink, reimagine and redefine their positioning and value preposition.
Now with the debut of 5G – buzzing to be a knight in shining armour for many industries – could be revolutionary and a catalyst for change and growth for the financial services industry in 2020. With mobile usage continuing to accelerate at a rapid pace, many customers are now actively seeking new services to match the evolving technologies on their mobile, watches, IoT devices, etc. 5G technology could drive value creation by building a new platform for the delivery of services, influence productivity and automation. But what are the risks and implications 5G has? The 5G in Retail Finance Convention 2020 will envisage the 5G roadmap in the financial services landscape on top of the other current and impending challenges and opportunities the industry is facing. We will also deep-dive into topics of Artificial Intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, payments and blockchain.
Hear from key industry experts on the real potential that 5G holds and its impact on financial services, including challenges and opportunities Case Studies of Startups and Projects in AI, Blockchain and other 5G ready technologies Learn from applications, devices, platforms in telecommunications, gaming, manufacturing, healthcare and lifestyle in the world’s first fully 5G National Ecosystem

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Future of Retail Finance Convention 2020

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Key topics to be covered

Retail Financial Services

Key industry trends and developments in the financial services ecosystem

Finance Through 5G

Real potential that 5G holds and its impact on financial services

Artificial Intelligence

Harnessing the full capabilities of AI across value chain and delivering superior customer experience


Crypto and distributed ledgers in the 5G world


Unravelling the potential of payments in the new digital world


Managing threat and strengthening cyber resilience

Meet the Speakers


Dr. Harry Behrens

Head of Daimler Mobility Blockchain Factory, Daimler Mobility AG

Dean Bubley

Director, Disruptive Analysis Ltd. Mobile Technology & Futurism Analyst / Consultant

Jasmine Liu

Chief Compliance Officer, Neat; former Chief Compliance Officer, PING AN OneConnect

Joey Kim

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Peoplefund

Who will attend?

The programme is designed for decision makers and senior professionals from the following areas of specialty:

Chairmen, CEOs, board members, senior management of leading tradition financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies, asset management and securities houses

Founders, CEOs and leaders in new age financial institutions including peer-to-peer lending and investing and disruptors in blockchain, AI and blockchain who are potentially transforming the industry and want to be part of the bigger conversation

Founders, CEOs and leaders in financial technology start ups and service providers

Senior managers responsible for implementing digital and transformational projects in their institutions

Regulators, government officials and policy makers who want to be part of the conversation


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The Excellence in Retail Financial Services Convention is a globally acknowledged annual gathering that brings together a wide range of players who shape the future of the retail financial services industry.

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The Excellence in Retail Financial Services Convention will feature a host of amazing, unique and out-of-box speakers and panellists who will help us break through our thinking on the transformations that are happening globally.

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Key dialogues on business models and technologies that will fundamentally transform the financial services industry.

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